• Winter in the Studio

    Winter in the Studio

    It's been ages since I've shared news and updates on a regular basis. After a period of exploration and experimentation (and years of working in two and three-dimensional formats) I’ve decided to start posting studio progress more regularly. This self-portrait is still in progress with further to go.

    Winters in New England are cold enough to drive the artistic practice inside; placing plein air landscape painting on hold till Spring. The advantage to working inside is the ability to work on things over a longer period of time, allowing for the slower drying rate of oil painting materials.

    Maintaining a seasonal practice - painting outside in warmer weather and working inside when it’s cold - allows for a variety of approaches to art-making. This suits my back-and-forth shifts in content and materials. Working in paint and in clay to create portraits and landscapes provides an opportunity to contemplate the experience of being human and of living life here on Earth. It also satisfies my interest in learning new processes and taking on new creative challenges.

    Clay and oil paint share certain material characteristics. Thick oil paint and dense wet clay can both be formed into heavy textures or thinned out to a finely smoothed surface wash. With oil paint and with clay I build; the physical qualities of the materials speak in a bold three-dimensional language that I understand.

    Working inside or out, the process is always challenging and engaging to undertake

  • North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show

    North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show

    Come check out the North Bennington Sculpture Show. A wonderful collection of work located in the beautiful village of N. Bennington, VT. My sculpture, Blue Profile (after Rembrandt) is located at the North Bennington Train Station. This sculpture has been with me quite awhile. She’s all spruced up and finally out in public!

    North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show 2023